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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00, drivers on the peninsula are facing major delays after a pedestrian was killed on a busy highway. we are following that developing story on the peninsula for you tonight. the chp issued a severe traffic alert after a woman was found lying along highway 101 near south airport boulevard and grand avenue. as officers investigated all north bound lanes of the highway were shut down, causing a two-mile backup. just moments ago we learned that all lanes are once again open. traffic is still going slowly tonight. officers were first called out to the scene about 8:20. they say the woman was still alive but died shortly after.
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they don't know how she ended up walking on the highway. >> we have witnesses that called in. so it's under investigation of how or who had struck her. so we're interviewing witnesses right now. >> officers say they don't know the woman's age or any other identification. we continue to follow this developing story and will bring you more details as they come into the newsroom. a second suspect is behind bars in connection with a deadly crime tree in san jose and that suspect is just 15 years old. kimberly terry joins us from juvenile hall with more on the arrest. >> reporter: police say it was great detective work that led them to the teenager who they arrested in concord yesterday evening. the name of the 15-year-old is being withheld because of his age, but police say he will likely be charged with homicide, armed robbery and attempted
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murder. >> we are very glad he's in custody and hopefully the public can rest at ease. >> reporter: detectives had been looking for the suspect since last weekend since he and jonathan willbanks robbed four businesses, shot and killed a man and got in a shootout with police. the accomplice was arrested november 16, the night of the incident. >> i still can't believe it. >> reporter: news of the arrest came as loved ones gathered for a memorial in campbell. the 22-year-old was shot during the suspect's attempted carjacking in the parking lot of a 7/eleven. >> he wasted his life, his brother's life and the life of his partner. there was no reason to, you know, commit this crime. there was no reason to pull the trigger and kill my brother. >> i hope he gets tried as an adult. >> reporter: whether that will happen is up to the district attorney, but family and friends
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say they will continue to push for justice as they struggle to come to terms with the incredible loss. >> he was a happy guy, people person. >> the plane flight back from hawaii to bury my little brother was the longest plane ride of my life. it was terrible. >> reporter: the adult suspect in this case, jonathan willbanks is expected to be back in court to enter a plea on december 5. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, tense moments in a san jose neighborhood after an officer spotted a man walking with what he said appeared to be a rifle. the officer says he told the man to stop, but the man didn't and instead entered the back of a home. it's unclear whether or not that man heard the officer ordering
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him to stop. as a precaution, several police surrounded the home. officers found the man in the backyard, a pellet gun was also on the premises. tonight, dozens of people face serious charges after an out of control house party in east san jose. it happened at a home near white road. the scene was very quiet today, very different from the scene that police happened upon last night as the party was in full swing, dispatch was starting to get calls of gunfire around 11:00. officers arrived and people started running in the house and locking themselves inside. officers say people threw bottles at them from the backyard. about 60 officers were called to the scene. police arrested 33 adults and nine juveniles on charges including assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon. two officers were injured. both are expected to be okay. the mother of the victims killed in a crash on highway 101
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on friday remain in critical condition tonight. but one of her daughters died this morning. the other daughter died at the scene. the chp says the mother, her four daughters and father were in this suv when the driver slammed into the back of a patrol car.
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across the bay area shoppers hit the streets to buy local. >> the more the merier, basically. >> reporter: businesses in san jose's willow glen shopping district gave their best sales pitches encouraging people to shop small. saturday was their day. >> yesterday, you know, you did the mall already. now today you should do the small businesses. we have better selections and things. and we're more personable. we give you personal service. >> reporter: from the south bay to the east bay we found shoppers looking to shy away from the busy malls and big box stores, turning their attention to mom and pop shops. >> there's a lot of great small businesses out there you want to see succeed.
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so it's nice to support your local community. >> i went to sun valley mall. it was really crazy. super long lines and lots of stressed-out people and merchandise all over. so it's much nicer and relaxed today. >> reporter: small business saturday is a nationwide movement that began three years ago. >> we're going to get those. >> okay. >> reporter: at a little bookstore just outside the nation's capital president obama and his daughters were leading by example. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> reporter: thinking small and giving a boost to the small businesses who often get lost in the holiday sales shuffle. >> small businesses are the job creators. two out of every three net new private sector jobs are created by a small business. >> about a third of small business owners say the saturday after thanksgiving is the biggest of their holiday season and that they are thankful for the support of their neighbors. >> willow glen is a very tight community, and we support each other. >> the local guy is -- he's the
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backbone of america. that's the foundation. it's what america's all about. entrepreneurship. >> great thursday appears to have stolen some of black friday's thunder. retail shopping tracking company shopper track says consumers spent $11.2 billion at retail stores on friday, which is down 1.8% from last year. the company says stores opening their doors on thanksgiving day led to fewer shoppers in stores on friday. well, it looks like a scene out of a movie. coming up, the race to save the driver trapped in this truck, dangling over a busy highway. plus, a groundbreaking cancer treatment close to approval. and bay area researchers are leading the way. and we're seeing a chilly saturday night around the bay area. already near 40 degrees in fairfield and santa rosa seeing some patchy, thick fog, too. visibility's down to a quarter mile. that's what you're going to wake up to tomorrow morning. however, the seven-day forecast is going to bring in increasing
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wind and rain. we'll let you know if that's going to arrive by the end of the weekend. coming up in your full forecast in just a few minutes. okay, here's the plan.
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trials at 47 sites worldwide, including cal pacific medical center or stanford here in the bay area. people ignored warnings to stay off ocean beach today despite a recent sewage spill there. the beach was closed wednesday when water started leaking out of a manhole on the beach. san francisco's public utilities commission believes the release was 90% storm water, 10% sewage. despite the smell, people continued to stroll on the beach. no word on when that mess would be cleaned up. we will be right back with weather and sports.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the guys on the farm know a lot about winning big football games. get this. eighth-ranked stanford had to beat 17th-ranked ucla this afternoon for the right to play in the pac-12 championship game this friday, november 30th. out to the action. bruins and cardinal met in so cal. first quarter, third and four, kevin hogan scrambles out of the pocket. drew terrell waving for it in the end zone. he makes the catch. 11-yard touchdown. 7-0 stanford. tied at 7 in the second quarter, however, cardinal in the wildcat formation, anthony wilkerson runs it in for a ten-yard touchdown. cardinal up by seven. 21-10 now in the third. stephan taylor charges in the end zone for a score. two tds for him.
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ensuing kickoff, kenneth walker fumbles the ball. recovered by stanford. and it's going all the way into the end zone. big night for stanford. they go on to win 35-17. they'll face ucla again in the pac-12 title game. all right. second meeting of the season between the t-wolves and warriors. second quarter, steph curry looking to his backcourt buddies, mr. jack, and then the circus shot by david lee. are you kidding me? later in the second, maybe the dunk of the year. that is a rookie, harrison barnes, posterizing petkovic. barnes had ten points, 11 rebounds. fourth quarter, all warriors, they outscored the timberwolves 26-11. and mark jackson, guys were celebrating. they beat minnesota 96-85 is your final. of course locally a lot of people want to know what's going
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on with san jose state and louisiana tech. they are still playing right now. san jose state has the lead with approximately 2 1/2 minutes remaining in the game. once again, 53 points for the san jose state spartans right now. they're up. they're looking for their tenth win of the regular season. a feat they've never accomplished. ten wins overall, yes. but ten wins in the regular season. it's never happened before, chris. >> and that of course sounds more like a basketball score, henry, doesn't it? >> absolutely. >> save your voice, my friend. we'll see you tomorrow. and meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a look at the forecast. the folks who went out to the san jose state game must be very pleased with the weather, although getting very chilly now. >> it is. the spartans have scored in those low 50s. and temperatures matching that right now. 52 degrees in san jose. 54 san francisco. look at fairfield and santa rosa, all ready now. low 40s. not much wind out there. and we do have fog already
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setting up. in fact some pretty thick fog along interstate 80 as you head along to solano county. that area right there fairfield into eastern contra costa county, as we head into tomorrow some of that fog may linger and keep the daytime temperatures down eye bit. also some patchy thick fog along those north bay valleys too. as we go through the next few hours, as we show you o'hour by hour overnight, we'll also have some coastal low clouds returning as the sea breeze starts to pick back up. through see some thicker fog in the central valley. that will be in our north and east bay valleys tomorrow morning and then during the afternoon hazy sunshine inland and still some patchy clouds likely on the coast. but the zliet view shows you that the storm track is still safely off to the north. this system here that will drop down through northern california will bring us some high clouds tomorrow but no rain just yet. high pressure is still holding its ground. moving slightly now into southern california and arizona to wrap up the weekend. so we've got a dry pattern we think through at least tuesday. however, big changes coming up tuesday night into wednesday. we'll see a deep area of low pressure forming here offshore.
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and this will slingshot in at least a couple of fairly strong systems. one in on wednesday that will bring us not only the rain but also some gusty winds, especially on the coast. and then by friday as those winds across the water work that long period swell toward the coast, friday into saturday could see some high surf and then the next round of rain comes in thursday night into friday and into the start of next weekend. so in the meantime enjoy the rest of a fairly dry weekend. but a little chilly, we think, maybe out toward those east bay valleys tomorrow. 67 degrees in san jose for sunday afternoon. notice the temperatures in tri-valley, mostly upper 60s. but then as you get into concord and fairfield low to mid 60s tomorrow for a lot of thick fog for the morning and for the afternoon in the north bay should see numbers mainly in the mid to upper 60s. mid 60s in san francisco. and 67 degrees for oakland. so the next three days will be the days i want to kind of clear out the gutters or remove some of those weak branches on some of the trees because again the systems that are going to be coming in for the second half of the week will be bringing some
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wind with it and if you've got those trees that still have a lot of leaves on them those will act like miniature parachutes and those will help to add to the drag and resistance with the wind and the fancy way of saying it's going to bring down some branches. so try to get those cleared out of the way first half of the week. second half of the week obviously wednesday rain, another system friday into saturday too. pretty stormy second half of the week. >> walking through the neighborhood we did see some freshly broken branches from the last round of rain. >> unfortunately we'll probably see more of that this week. >> thanks, rob. >> sure. still ahead at 11:00, the dash for deals lands one holiday shopper behind bars. and a pickup truck dangling over a busy freeway. how it got there and what happened next. plus, an update on the developing story we brought you at the top of this newscast. a death investigation shut down all lanes of northbound highway 101 near sfo. we'll be back in just a minute.
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and an update now on that traffic situation. the alert, the death investigation that caused major delays for drivers heading north on highway 101 near sfo tonight. as you can see, our traffic maps once again all green. traffic appears to be flowing smoothly once again. but officers were first called to that scene around 8:20, where they found a woman lying along the highway. they say she was alive when they arrived but died shortly after. they don't know how she ended up on the highway. right now officers are still interviewing witnesses. an accident on an overpass in oregon left a man dangling over a busy highway below. beaverton police say the driver of this pickup crashed onto the overpass railing and came just short of going over the side. rescue crews secured the truck
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to a fire engine to keep it from falling and used another fire engine to get the driver out. the 38-year-old man was not injured, but police say alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. here at home tributes are pouring in for an icon of american television for decades. larry hagman's star on the hollywood walk of fame is now adorned with flowers in remembrance of the man who made j.r. ewing come to life. he died yesterday in dallas, surrounded by family and by friends. nbc's kristen dahlgren takes a look back at hagman's life and his career. >> i was with her all alone -- >> reporter: for a time he was the most famous actor in the world. >> thanks to j.r. >> reporter: the subject of the biggest cliff-hanger ever. [ gunshot ] the question who shot j.r. catapulted larry hagman into tv history. for more than a decade hagman was the character audiences couldn't get enough of. the wicked, scheming j.r. ewing. the 81-year-old was reprising his role as j.r. in the tnt
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reboot of "dallas." >> you're not a kinder, gentler version of yourself? >> oh, hardly. >> reporter: along with family, his co-stars were at his side when hagman died at a dallas hospital friday. finally succumbing to the throat cancer he'd been battling. in a statement to nbc co-star linda grey said "larry hagman was my best friend for 35 years. he was the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. the world was a brighter place because of him." on the site of the real-life south fork ranch outside dallas, fans mourned the loss of the tv legend. >> it's really sad. i mean, to hear. because his character just made the show. >> reporter: hagman was also remembered for his role as major nelson in "i dream of jeanie." friday night barbara eden reminisced about her co-star. >> i am deeply saddened. i mean, he was a big part of my life. a glorious man. wonderfully talented. quite frankly, i thought he would go on forever. >> reporter: hagman was the son
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of broadway icon mary martin. throughout his career he appeared in scores of tv shows and films. but it was his role on "dallas" that made hagman a legend. >> j.r. and nobody could beat larry hagman when it came to playing a villain we loved to hate. >> reporter: larry hagman. larger than life and impossible to forget. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. fallout tonight at a european newspaper that published those topless photos of kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge. the editor of the irish daily star resigned today after being suspended in september for publishing those photos. investors of the paper's parent company demanded michael o'kane be fired. the "irish daily star" issued a statement saying o'kane acted professionally and in the best interests of the newspaper. tomorrow would have been o'kane's first anniversary as editor of that paper. a black friday shopper couldn't wait in line. so now she could do some time. police in florida arrested a
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woman at a walmart store after she repeatedly tried to cut the check-out line on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. after she was repeatedly warned to not cut in line the 28-year-old began screaming and throwing items on the floor. and that is when police escorted her out, put her in handcuffs. she now faces charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. we want to update you that on the score for the san jose spartans. they took the game. >> and he, you can hear the sound from spartans stadium. 52-43. ten-win season. >> amazing indeed. we want to thank you for joining us tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. "saturday night live" is coming up next. and we will see you back here tomorrow. rob will be up with you at 7:00 a.m.
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